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Email Marketing Agency Services

A Proven Resource for Business Success!


Are You Utilizing Your Email Marketing Campaigns to the Max?

If you are not, it is time ROI KINGS builds a winning email marketing strategy into your overall digital strategy. As an email marketing agency, we go all out to create personalized, direct communication, enhancing your customer connection through flexibility.

Why Use Email Marketing in 2023? A Proven Track Record  


Cost-effective and a consistent generator of high return on investment.

Mobile Accessibility

Optimizing email for mobiles is crucial. Additionally, forming an SMS marketing strategy could be beneficial.

Shared Content

Utilizing social sharing buttons boosts click-through rates, encouraging audience sharing and expanding brand reach on social media.

#1 for Communication

The preferred method of communication when it comes to promotional content.

Marketing Automation

Effective campaign management with automated, behavior-triggered emails yields significantly higher revenue.

Content Marketing

Facilitates distribution of valuable, informative content: articles, blogs, newsletters, podcasts, webinars, etc.

Conversion Rates

Personalized emails yield superior results, surpassing other marketing channels' conversion rates.

Targeted Segmentation

By segmenting email lists, targeting specific audiences, and tailoring content result in higher open rates.

Further Business Advantages

Event promotion, Announcements, Re-engagement campaigns, Up-selling and Cross-selling, Feedback and Surveys.

Our Email Marketing Services  Process

List Building

Gathering and maintaining targeted email subscriber lists.

Content Creation

Crafting engaging emails and valuable content for subscribers.

Campaign Management

Sending, tracking, and optimizing email campaigns for desired outcomes.



Email Marketing Advantages

- A Proven Track Record

Emails are one of the core digital marketing tools worldwide for businesses.

Billions of people across the globe tap into this form of communication daily - and these people are potential customers!


Talk about global reach!

The facts don’t lie – and the bottom line is email marketing is still one of the best forms of digital marketing.

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ROI KINGS to the Rescue!

We've Got Your Back

Email Marketing Requires Troubleshooting

Challenges can be overcome, but best left to us to minimize these obstacles. We won’t go into details here. Leave that to us!


We know all about email marketing and marketing tactics to minimise any drawbacks such as:

  • Design and compatibility

  • Content creation overload and format

  • Deliverability

  • Potential for misinterpretation

  • List maintenance

  • Unsubscribes and opt-outs

  • Privacy concerns

Email Marketing Strategies: Key Considerations to Email Marketing

This is where ROI KINGS digital marketing agency comes in. The best email marketing agencies will run with more than just the advantages of email marketing. Top email marketing agencies will also address the challenges of email marketing too.

Top email marketing companies will include an email marketing strategy as part of your overall digital strategy for marketing, which will consist of several other digital marketing services.

  • Content Marketing and Content Creation (Creative Agency)

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Other Marketing, like Mobile/SMS Marketing and Video Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing

  • Digital Advertising and Paid Advertising

  • Web Design and Web Development

  • Lead Generation

  • Ecommerce

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing

  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management

  • Reputation Management

Our Other Digital Marketing Services 

If You Build It, They Will Come

They - being your customers and your anticipated loyal customer base - made possible through our email marketing services.


Email marketing is a versatile marketing tool that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of any business, including ecommerce businesses.

ROI KINGS is a digital marketing agency specializing in various forms of communication and digital marketing services.

Email Marketing, As a Marketing Strategy, Benefits Both Ecommerce and Physical Businesses.

Ecommerce email marketing and business email marketing have similar but different approaches within the realm of email marketing, both with the common purpose of positively influencing their target audience, and both requiring the expertise, ideally of an email marketing agency, that incorporates email marketing with other digital marketing elements.

Ecommerce companies use email marketing to drive sales, boost conversions, focus on customer retention, and develop customer experiences across all ecommerce business models.

Business email marketing extends beyond direct sales and will include features such as nurturing relationships, educating customers, and focusing on brand awareness.

Why Email Marketing? Part of an All-Encompassing Digital Strategy

Your overall business digital marketing strategy should work across the different digital marketing platforms to ensure you always give your business and customers the best attention.


Working with ROI KINGS email marketing agency with the know-how will ensure that all the necessary elements and services for a successful digital strategy are rendered and put to work. Let's do this!

Other digital marketing elements work hand in hand with email marketing. They should be considered along with your email marketing campaigns as part of your digital marketing strategy - to go deeper and broader and ultimately generate income through your email marketing endeavors.

After all, that is the bottom line of business.

It All Comes Down to Business

Just as you want your business to remain in business, the longevity of email marketing surpasses any questions about this form of digital marketing needing to be more reliable and effective. Because of this, we throw our weight behind email marketing.

Our Reporting and Analytics - Tracking Progress

What is also really useful is that email marketing aids the analytics of your marketing campaigns because we can track the data and metrics for you, which helps refine and improve future targeted campaigns and customer relationships.

Pricing Options

The good news is that ROI KINGS is a full service agency specializing in growth marketing that can tick all the boxes while thinking outside the box in the digital marketing space.

Whether you require full service email management or digital solutions through business consulting and project management. ROI KINGS have got you covered.

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Weekly Reporting

Keep track of all the improvements

Track email progress with detailed weekly performance reports and analysis

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Compare your stats with your competitors

Analyze scripts stats for strategic optimization and performance benchmarking.

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research & planning

Industry reports for actionable optimization insights.

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Pricing Options

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Email Marketing Agency FAQs

Who are some of the best email marketing agencies?

No one company is considered the best email marketing company since there are many well-known email marketing agencies and platforms out there, namely MailChimp, Constant Contact, and HubSpot, to name but a few. But you need to look no further, as ROI KINGS is a reputable full service email marketing agency for digital marketing.

What does web design have to do with email marketing?

Web design and email marketing are closely connected; they play a meaningful role in brand presence. They need to be on the same page, so to speak, to correlate for brand identity and recognition. 

Email design should be consistent, align with your brand, and reflect your web design. This also has a profound effect on User Experience and engagement. Another integrating factor between web design and email marketing is content. Content from your website can be repurposed and shared in email marketing campaigns. CTA, call-to-action, and landing page placement and design should also connect to your web design and be strategic in email marketing.

Overall, the synergy between web design and email marketing is essential as it helps create a unified front and appealing customer journey.

Why is social media and social media marketing so important to email marketing?

Incorporating social media and social media marketing into your email marketing services allows you to leverage the strengths of both these digital marketing services.

Social media has a massive user base. By leveraging social media and social media marketing, businesses can expand their reach, promote their business, increase customer acquisition, and convert them into email subscribers. There is an opportunity to capture leads through social media and funnel them from social media marketing into an email marketing campaign.

What is disruptive advertising?

Disruptive advertising is an advertising strategy that breaks away from the norm of marketing and advertising, creating impactful experiences that will be remembered. Disruptive advertising concepts can be integrated into email marketing in the same manner. Agencies whose marketing services extend to disruptive advertising can create email campaigns that deliver this specialized marketing strategy.

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