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LinkedIn Outreach Management

Our Targeted Lead Generation Filters

Our team at ROI Kings uses targeted lead generation filters to identify potential customers and partners on LinkedIn. We have extensive experience in this area and can provide a range of services to help your business connect with the right people and share information about your products and services. These services include copywriting, prospecting, outreach, and social media campaign management. 


We can Generate Location Specific Leads in your District, Town, State or Country.


Only Looking for Companies with 1-10 Employees? No Problem! We can Source them all to the Enterprise Level!


Looking to Connect with Top-Level Executives only we can assist you.


Roikings can Target Specific Companies.


Suppose you are Looking for Very Technical Targets like NASA Space Engineers. We can Get You in Touch with the Right Person!


Roikings can Generate Flexible Leads list with a Combination of these Strategies to A/B test Campaings.


We can Source Quality Leads Based on Industry


We can get Your Foot in the Door if you are Targeting Specific Titles per Company.

ROI Kings B2b Sales & Marketing Benefits

Build Authority

Increase your reputation and brand trust with consistent content that actually shows you understand your industry at a deep level.

Target Outreach 

Get in contact with hard-to-reach prospects, including owners and C-level personnel-- regardless of company size or industry.

Omnichannel Approach

Building upon the fundamentals of our LinkedIn outreach campaigns, we take it to the next level with organic content, social ads, and warm phone calls and emails.

Personalized Marketing

Leverage your own LinkedIn profile to reach mass audiences with what feels like personalized intentional outreach. When they respond, we manually follow up with custom-tailored replies.

Trained Sales Team

Take advantage of a dedicated sales team without the overhead and without worrying if they actually know how to sell.

Infinitely Scaleable

Contact thousands of new contacts per month per LinkedIn account. Want to reach more prospects? Just leverage more employees' LinkedIn accounts!

Our Marketing Outreach Capabilities 

Social Media content management

We take care of your Social Media Content Creation & Scheduling times!

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Landing Pages

Drive qualified prospects to optimized landing pages designed for conversion.

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Warm email

Cultivate newly generated 1st-degree LinkedIn connections right in their inbox.

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Smart Voicemail messages

Automated outbound calls that transfer the call to you on connection, or leave a pre-recorded voicemail if they don’t answer.

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CRM & reporting

We track every crumb of data to make sure that we deliver the best quality of measurable growth possible.

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marketing colateral

Improve your company's impact with branded PDFs, proposals, infographics, case studies, animated GIFs, and more.

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Linkedin account growth

Grow your LinkedIn Account with Connections within Targeted Industries!

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Sales Closer

A dedicated Sales Closer will work with your team to improve your sales process and assist with moving the sales from lead to customer.

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LinkedIn Lead Generation is responsible for 80% of B2B leads from social media


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Pricing Options

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