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Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

LinkedIn Premium for Job Seekers

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

Are job seekers evaluating LinkedIn Premium? LinkedIn Premium provides over ten free tools for job searching and other career-related activities for employers. I've been asked several times about upgrading to a Career Premium account.

What are the benefits of using LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium Deep Dive!

Are you looking to improve your LinkedIn Premium Career prospects or connect with like-minded professionals in your industry? Then it would be best if you had a strong presence on LinkedIn. With over 660 million users and 30 million business pages, LinkedIn has become a go-to platform for professionals across the globe. But if you're starting or struggling to expand your network, it can be a daunting task. In this blog, we'll provide some easy steps to quickly grow your LinkedIn premium network and reach your career goals. So, let's dive in!

However, it can be overwhelming for those who are just starting or want to improve their game. Here are some tips to effectively expand your LinkedIn network.

LinkedIn Premium Worth It

Review Your LinkedIn Premium Career Profile

Your profile is the first thing others will see, so make sure it is complete and current. Include as much information as possible about your background, achievements, and what makes you stand out, much like you would on a CV. A professional, clear profile picture is crucial to make a good impression. Also, choose a cover image that shows your personality, such as a nice flat lay of your workspace or a solid, calming colour.

LinkedIn Premium Worth It

Learn How The LinkedIn System Works

Expanding your network is critical to finding new opportunities, staying up-to-date on industry news, and connecting with professionals in your field. LinkedIn organizes your connections by a tier system:

The Tier System Explained

1st tier Connections – People you're directly connected to 2nd Tier Connections – Those connected to your connections 3rd Tier – Those related on a wider network Group – People who share a group with you. Out of Network – Your network isn't vast enough The search results on LinkedIn depend on your network. The more extensive your network, the more accurate and diverse the results will be.

LinkedIn Premium Worth It

Join Groups

Joining groups is a great way to expand your network and connect with like-minded individuals who share common skills, goals, industry affiliations, and experiences. Anyone who shares the same group as you can be contacted directly via the group (whether they're connected and will also appear in search results. Whenever you see someone's profile that interests you, check if you have a group in common. If you don't, join a group the other user is part of to send a direct message.

LinkedIn Premium Guide

Preventing Spam

LinkedIn has a system in place to prevent spammers. If you receive an invitation from an unwanted networker, click the "Ignore" tab instead of "I Don't Know." If a LinkedIn member receives around 5-10 "I Don't Know," their account will be frozen, and that person must contact customer services to have their account unrestricted. Rejecting connections won't grow your network faster, but it will ensure the quality of your connections and keep you safe from irrelevant spam.

LinkedIn Premium Benefits

Why Should You Personalize Your Connection Requests?

Approach your invitations to connect with people thoughtfully. If you know them but think there's a chance they might not remember you, include a note in your request to conniving them a little context about how you met. If you don't know them, explain why you'd like to connect and tell them what you have in common or what you like about their posts. It shows you're a real person and not a bot.

LinkedIn Premium Guide

Share Valuable Content on Your LinkedIn Premium Career Profile

Sharing valuable content on LinkedIn is an effective way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, connect with others who share similar interests, and drive traffic to your profile.

The content you share could be an article, a post, or a video that showcases your knowledge or expertise. It could be something you've created or something you've come across that you think would be useful for your network.

Why You Should Engage with Other LinkedIn Users?

Engaging with others is a powerful way to build your network and increase your visibility on LinkedIn. Like, comment, and share the content of others in your network.

It shows that you're engaged, interested in what others have to say, and willing to add value to the conversation. Engaging with others also helps you to build relationships and establish yourself as LinkedIn has become a crucial professional networking platform with over 660 million users and 30 million business pages.

LinkedIn Premium

Why it's Important to Stay Active and Consistent on LinkedIn?

Consistency is key to building your presence on LinkedIn. Make a habit of logging in and checking your account regularly, even if it's just for a few minutes each day.

Share content, engage with others, and respond to messages promptly. Staying active and consistent shows that you're serious about expanding your network and building your career.

What Does LinkedIn Premium Offer?

LinkedIn's premium Career Plan is aimed at job applicants. This is what job applicants should have instead of a business plan. It also offers job applicants InMail credits, profile views for 90 days and free Linkedin training courses.

LinkedIn is unique among social media networks in that it offers a monthly service to boost your professional profile. While Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks only give you the ability to advertise, LinkedIn's importance as the centre for professional social networking makes it an ideal platform for professionals to enhance their careers.

The services that LinkedIn Premium offers vary from time to time, but currently, they offer several premium plans.

These include Premium Career for job seekers, Premium Business for business development professionals or leaders, Sales Navigator for salespeople, and Recruiter Lite for recruiters. Each of these plans has different value-added features that are tailored to the needs of different user subsets.

Before delving into whether LinkedIn Premium is worth it or not, it is important to understand the differences between a standard LinkedIn account and a LinkedIn Premium account.

A free account is usually enough for most people who mainly use LinkedIn for casual networking and building their personal brand.


LinkedIn Premium is the smartest feature as it analyzes your profile to identify your chances of securing your job. It is very useful for aspiring job candidates. You can see who the applicant is and the skills they have. A green check on this page shows you if you have the skills needed to perform your job well. We're talking about information science, but this isn't the only data science that exists. Jobs are not awarded by algorithms alone. It depends on your profile, personality profile, connections, etc. But the baseline gives a good idea. If the required skill is not in your profile, please add it to the list!

LinkedIn Premium Business

What are the Linkedin Premium Packages & LinkedIn Premium Cost?

Linkedin Premium Features

Below are some of the key LinkedIn premiums which vary by plan.

However, a paid account gives you added benefits depending on your choice of plan. Standard Premium Business ($59.99/mo) gives you 15 InMail Messages per month, full access to the Who's Viewed Your Profile data for the last 90 days, and access to 15,000+ LinkedIn Learning Courses. Premium Career ($29.99/mo) gives you 3 InMails and lacks unlimited people browsing. A career is most worthwhile when actively doing a job search.

Who Has Viewed Your Profile

The basic Linkedin profile lets you see your views on your profiles over the last week. Unlike Facebook or Google, LinkedIn Premium allows users to see how many people have read and commented on the page for the past 90 days. If you are looking for a new job search, you are on LinkedIn every day. You can see your profile views each day so the 5 days won't be important. Some profiles are also hidden, say Linkedin Members with no photos or simple descriptions like "Recruiter at a tech company." In Premium Plans, you can see what users have seen and liked your profile in over 90 days. This will motivate your job search as you will see who notices you!

Then there are specialized plans such as Sales Navigator ($79.99/mo) and Recruiter Lite ($134.99/mo), each with its unique features. Deciding whether LinkedIn Premium is worth it or not depends on the advantages it offers. Some of the tools are highly specialized for particular use cases, while others are more general.

However, all of them include certain minimal advantages. InMails are messages you can send to anyone on LinkedIn without being connected.

They are more effective than cold emails because they come from within LinkedIn, showing that you are real.

Your target also knows that you paid for the privilege to reach out to them. Spamming isn't economical, and using fake profiles isn't tolerated. A LinkedIn InMail, according to LinkedIn, is 2.6X more effective than a normal email.

InMail Credits

LinkedIn provides different Premium Plans, however, the Premium Career Plan gives you three monthly Inmail credits that can be used to contact recruiting managers or recruiting staff at your company's target companies or expand your contacts.

My LinkedIn Premium version gives me 45 InMail credits per month. I've only used 45 a week but it takes around 10-15. What is great about the credit is that once someone responds to your email, it gets refunded and you can send it on to another person.

Who's Viewed Your Profile If you are reaching out to other people on LinkedIn, you don't know if they are active on the platform or saw your message. Being able to see who viewed your profile is an excellent way of confirming if they checked you out or not.

It also gives you the ability to see who has been checking out your profile that you might want to reach out to proactively. LinkedIn Learning LinkedIn Learning offers over 15,000 expert-led courses that you can use to learn something new or hone your skills.

Every professional needs to keep up with old as well as learn new skills, and LinkedIn Learning can support you in that endeavour.

A wide range of courses is available from developing your business skills to technical skills. Additionally, completing courses and adding them to your profile can help you stand out from other professionals in your field.

LinkedIn Premium Business

What are the Advanced Search Filters?

LinkedIn's standard search filters are limited, and finding the exact key companies you are looking for can be difficult.

However, LinkedIn Premium offers advanced search filters that allow you to search for professionals based on specific criteria, such as job title, company size, and industry. This feature can be particularly helpful for recruiters and business development professionals.

Imagine how many searches you can do now!

What is the Sales Navigator Package?

Sales Navigator is a LinkedIn Premium plan designed for professional life, salespeople. It offers advanced lead and company search, lead recommendations, and CRM integration.

Sales Navigator can help sales professionals identify potential leads and manage their relationships with current and potential customers more effectively. It is especially useful for those in B2B sales.

What is the Recruiter Lite Package?

Recruiter Lite is another LinkedIn Premium plan designed for recruiters. It offers advanced search filters, including skills, years of experience, location, job posting, and candidate management tools.

Recruiters can use Recruiter Lite to find and reach out to potential candidates more easily and manage the hiring process more efficiently. Most Job Seekers on the professional network are easy to contact and always check the job application page. LinkedIn is the Tinder of job applicants making use of powerful search tools by scanning the total job openings.

Overall, whether LinkedIn Premium is worth it or not depends on your specific use case. Premium Career may be worth it if you are a job seeker, as it offers additional job search tools and allows you to send InMails to recruiters.

Sales Navigator may be worth the investment if you are a salesperson because of its lead generation and management features. Similarly, Recruiter Lite can help you find and manage potential candidates more easily if you are a recruiter.

However, a free account is usually sufficient for those who primarily use LinkedIn for casual networking or personal branding. It is important to weigh a Premium account's cost against its benefits and determine if it aligns with your professional goals and needs.

LinkedIn Premium Business

How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription?

Click cancel the subscription...

The process for cancelling a subscription may vary depending on the company or service you are subscribed to. In general, the best way to cancel a subscription is to log in to your account on the company's website or app and navigate to the "Subscriptions" or "Account" section. From there, you should be able to find an option to cancel or modify your subscription.

If you're having trouble finding the cancellation option, you can also try contacting the company's customer service department for assistance. They should be able to guide you through the process or cancel the subscription on your behalf.

It's important to note that some subscriptions may have specific cancellation policies or fees associated with cancelling before the end of a contract term. Be sure to review the terms and conditions of your subscription before cancelling to avoid any unexpected charges or fees.

LinkedIn Learning Courses

It's definitely an excellent feature of LinkedIn Premium for seasoned users. Expert offers many good courses for thought leaders. This program covers practically everything that can be taught. Recently one of my job seekers asked for a job with a company where she could work on completing the job. The business had a specific skill set. She had trouble getting a job at the company where she was trained, which was a disappointment. I advised her to do her own job.

LinkedIn Learning

Linkedin is an online learning platform with premium subscriptions for an e-learning platform. It's certainly the least admired information website and the right thing. There's tons of quality information here, it will certainly be worthwhile learning through LinkedIn.

Free LinkedIn Account

What is the Conclusion?

In conclusion, LinkedIn Premium offers a variety of value-added features tailored to specific use cases, such as job seekers, salespeople, and recruiters. InMails, Who's Viewed Your Profile, and LinkedIn Learning are some common benefits across all plans.

However, the decision to invest in a Premium account ultimately depends on your professional goals and needs. If you are considering a Premium account, it is important to consider the cost and benefits before deciding.

Get Professional Assistance

Growing your LinkedIn account through networking in your targeted industry can be time-consuming.

However, there are professional services available that can assist you in achieving your goals.

If you are interested in exploring such services, it's important to do your research and find a reputable provider that fits your needs and budget.

Free LinkedIn Account Startup

With the right support, you can take your LinkedIn account from zero to hero in just a few months with ROIKings.

FAQ's Quick Scan

Why is LinkedIn Premium so expensive?

Pricing differs based on the number of InMail credits, courses, and other advanced features customized for the premium account types. The higher the number of functions you select, the higher their cost.

Do premium LinkedIn members get more views?

LinkedIn says Premium Business members view profiles averaging about 6 times more than free accounts. Sales experts using Sales Navigator are threefold more likely to exceed their quota.


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