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The Benefits of Social Media Content Agency Reporting

Updated: Apr 13

Social Media Content Agency

The Benefits of Social Media Content Agency Reporting

In the social media marketing world, communication is key. For social media agencies communicating your social media strategies to clients and the results thereof, is what matters most – proving the value behind the work.

The performance of social campaigns can be communicated by way of results of data, but you can also show the worth of the work you put in for your clients through social media reporting. Here, we unpack how you layout the results and what facts to include, and outline them in the overviews.

Reporting is an Essential Exercise

As a social media company, the reports you generate will offer a deeper understanding of the results of a campaign, to your team, and will also provide important information to your clients. Presented in such a way that they can understand the impact - which in turn proves your worth as their agency for their online networking and social communication. As you know, this ultimately brings in new clients and increases business for them.

Establish Performance Criteria

Set benchmarks for all your campaigns so you can measure the performance of each drive. The standards and strategies you set can then be gauged, attained, and even surpassed.

Keep Tabs on Your Targets

Monitoring progress is vital to the success of the goals put in place for your team and consequently for the growth of the client’s business. If you produce reports at regular intervals you will be able to chart the progress and stay on course or if necessary make adjustments. This may be the difference between a relatively successful campaign to one that hit the ball out of the park.

Keep Your Team and Clients Informed

Ensure everyone involved stays connected. The status of progress, in the form of reports, ensures your team stays briefed, through this they will likely remain focused and it will promote confidence to follow through with the campaign, pulling out all the stops. Reporting also allows the client to feel informed, assured, and will trust in the process.

Maximize and Enhance Results

Patterns and trends are really important data that can be extracted from reports.

When something has worked well, you want to build on that. You also want to take the business to the next level, learning from what didn’t go so well or according to plan - making future strategies and campaigns better.

Concrete Results Reap Value

Reporting can really make the Social Media Marketing Agency Campaign speak for itself. Many factors and crucial elements can be highlighted that result in the success of a campaign. These can be utilized and provides proof that what was achieved is valuable – good or bad.

What to Consider When Generating Social Media Reports

There is no set form to a report, it all depends on your client’s requirements and what they want to accomplish. In order to put together a worthwhile and thorough report though, you should consider the following angles:


To be able to scrutinize and review the results from critical aspects like revenue and conversions of new followers/clients.


From a visual point of view, graphs and charts really bring home the data in a clear and concise way.


Dissecting the data and numbers in bite-size chunks. By breaking down the results and adding background information and context, leads to potential next moves.

Your report should also include a performance evaluation, that has measured the efficiency of the following marketing categories:

Brand AwarenessBreaking

Creating awareness of your client’s brand is key for a social media content agency. How the brand is perceived and how well it is known and recognized, all play a role when it comes to promoting a new product or even just reviving a brand or launching a new one. Use metrics that ensure the numbers stack up with regards to audience, post reach, the details behind post impressions, mentions, tags, and engagement.

Metrics for Engagement

Tracking audience engagement is digging deeper into the awareness that has been established. This is important because it shows how followers are responding.

You should measure and access the quantity and quality of post likes and reactions, comments, PMs, shares, rate of engagement, and followers.

Traffic through a Website

Website engagement is a really important aspect for any business, for branding and product/service content; potential engagement through email/newsletter sign up; and e-Commerce activity. This drives revenue and gathers leads - so make sure your reporting metrics include clicks – such as links and URL, click-through rate, and bounce rate. You need to quantify the good and in turn, the not-so-good.

Revenue and Leads

This entails how the social media platforms fair regarding overall leads, sales, and earnings. Be sure to include metrics like: generated leads, conversions, e-Commerce, and offline return, as well as ROI.

Social Listening

As well as tracking and observing your followers and clients and understanding their needs through engagement, insight into hashtags will also help monitor the influences of your followers. Include the following hashtag reporting: own/campaign and brand, niche and trending, and even competitor hashtags.

Using Influencers

This form of social media marketing involving social media influencers can be a game-changer for brand awareness and revenue. If this forms part of your client’s campaign, you must include a report and show the results of the tracking to comprehensively include the value of new followers, fan engagement, link clicks, and other social media factors mentioned above.

Social Media Management Software ~ Why To Use It

Defined by a suite of tools such as management, scheduling, automating, monitoring and analytics – it will make reporting more metric effective, efficient and relevant. Top and tail this with your team’s analyses of the campaign and overall remarks, and you will most certainly demonstrate the value you and your team bring to the table. We recommend looking into our very own SMMS App by

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